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Helpful ways to bounce back from a short illness

*Take your time and don’t rush the healing process. Ease your expectation that you will be fighting fit within hours! If you need to rest a little longer, so be it, everything can wait as you heal your body and mind. No need to push yourself. Never say no to a helping hand. This might be hard for most of us, but we all need some assistance, in some shape or form, sometime in our lives.

*If you are worried about work piling up or important chores not getting done, write everything down. This is the time that a to-do-list comes in very handy and once you are better and feel stronger, you can start ticking this off.

*Limit your screen time. This goes for TV, phone, iPad and the work computer. Not only does the blue light causes strain on your eyes, but it is also link to mental and physical fatigue, and you need all the energy focused on getting better, not binge watch a mindless show on Netflix. There is a time and place for that, just not now!

*Do easy body stretches to keep the joints moving, keep the blood flow up and in general, stretch the stiffness away. You probably have spent a few days in bed and your joints would have become stiff and achy. You really do not have to immediately return to your normal exercise routine but stretching for a couple of minutes per day will do wonders.

*Start your morning with a glass of hot water and lemon juice. Your body has been working hard on healing, the entire night and will be dehydrated. The water will give you much needed hydration and it is to be believed that warm water gets easier absorbed in our warm bodies, than cold water. The lemon juice lends a lovely taste to the water and the lemon will increase the alkalizing effects. Water keeps lymph fluid flowing properly, which helps the body fight any remaining traces of illness, by distributing white blood cells throughout your system.

*Stuck in bed? This is a great time to start a meditation routine and concentrate on strengthening your mind. There are many guided meditations available online and you there will be no trouble finding the perfect one’s for you, should you not feel comfortable in self-guided meditation yet.

*Eat the rainbow and reach for foods that help you heal!! Your body will be in desperate need for extra vitamins and minerals. By eating the rainbow, you will provide your body with the fuel it needs to bring you back to optimal health. Feed yourself anti-inflammatory, easy digestible foods. Stay away from dairy and alcohol and eat as little as possible processed foods. You will be amazed just how beneficial a whole food, plant-based focused diet will do for your mind, body and soul.

I hope you get well and feel great soon!!

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