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Ways to find time for your fitness routine

"I do not have enough time" is one of the top reasons people have for not being able to commit to a regular fitness routine.

Even just committing 5 minutes a day can transform your routine and be beneficial to your health. Doing something is always better than doing nothing!

This quote sums up way it matters:

"If you do not make time for your wellness, eventually you will make time for your illness."

Below you will find some ideas, that I hope will help, for you to find the time you need to keep your body strong and keep you moving each day.

* Keep your workout clothes handy at all times. Lay your clothes out the night before and you can just "jump" into it the next morning.

* Get up first thing in the morning and do your workout, go for a walk or do a cardio session.

* When you have a million and one things to do, time for a workout seems the easiest to write-off. However it is proven that exercise boosts productivity and helps manage stress, so place your fitness as a high priority on your to-do-list.

*Turn household chores into a cardio session. Turn the music up, grab the vacuum cleaner and get that heart rate up.

*Keep exercise simple. Lunges, squats, crunches, press ups, planks and bridges can all be done whilst you are watching television.

* Take a brisk walk during your lunch break. Not only are you moving and getting stronger but you might be able to get your 20 minutes of sunlight per day, at the same time.

* Keep your workout sessions short, but productive. Want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone you muscles and burn fat? HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) is increasing in popularity. Your workout can now be done in 30 minutes instead of an hour.

* Make an appointment with your calendar at least 3 time a week and block time for your fitness.

* Think of working out as something enjoyable. Never think of it as something you have to do, but instead as something you want to do.

* Workout with a friend. Having an accountability partner is great. You can be each others cheerleaders and working out with someone is definitely more fun than working out by yourself.

* Set daily movement goals and do not go to bed until you have met those goals.

* I do believe though that you need to find the movement that feels right to you. Not all of us are made for CrossFit or running 20 miles per day. But there is a movement for each and everyone of us.

The Movement Menu:

A movement menu is a list of inspiring movement options for different fitness/energy levels and time constraints. When you have an inspiring menu of options for movement ready and in view (i.e. on your refrigerator), then you are far more likely to get moving. So, what type of movement does your body want to do today? Let the inspiration come from your body, not your head. The movement should be pleasurable, and remember—ALL movement counts!

* Biking / Roller skating / Rollerblading / Jumping on a trampoline / Jump rope / Hula Hooping / Yoga / AcroYoga (combo of acrobatics + Thai massage + yoga) / Dance / Chopping wood / Cartwheels / Zumba / S Factor / Nia / Jogging / Hiking / Swimming / Sex / Gardening / Pilates / Walking / Skateboarding / Rock climbing / Horseback riding / Surfing / Tennis / Basketball / Soccer / Golf / Fencing / Playing tag / Frisbee / Martial arts / Stair hopping / Cleaning / Skiing / Snowboarding / Weight lifting / Jazzercise / Carrying children / Archery / TRX / Cardio Barre / Acrobatics / Circus arts

What movement would you like to add to this list? Think outside the box. What movement did you love to do as a kid? What movement would be fun to do with others? What is something you've never tried that you've always wanted to try?

This is an invitation to play and have a pleasurable experience in your body while contributing to your health and aliveness!


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