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Meet Nel

Certified Health and Life Coach 

I'm Nel and I am the face behind Nel Rennison Coaching.

Wife to Chris, mum to Nicholas and Allegra and we shall count Steve, the dog, as well as Remi and Biscuit, the rats, to complete our family.

Born in South Africa but privileged to have lived and worked in Russia, England and North America.

I had a difficult youth, born into a volatile household where addiction dictated the daily conditions, having to survive constant mental abuse for the first 18 years of my life. It was a horrible time, but I made the decision early on that I would not let it define me or my future. Learning to cope in that environment shaped who I am today - strong willed and resilient, compassionate and empathetic - but it also left its mark on me

After the birth of my children, I realized that I had this deep-rooted anger burning in me and it was affecting my relationship with my family. I knew that I had to seek help.

The help I received empowered me to silence my inner critic, focus on healing, forgiveness and acceptance, and put me on a new journey to help myself and give of myself to help others.

My family and friends deserve the best of me but above all I deserve the best of me and here I am, every day, working on that transformation. I check in with myself daily. I feed my brain, soul and heart with kind words, loving thoughts and gentle hugs. It's hard work, it will never stop, but God, it feels amazing!!!

This journey has helped me to figure out what my purpose is, and that is to help others to help themselves, and pay it forward.

If you are struggling to lose weight, feel angry and lost, not worthy, hurt, confused, self-hate, doubt, trapped in any part of your life, please do not hide in the dark alone. Reach out. I cannot wait to speak with you, help you and see you conquer the universe!

My Mantra? I was hurt, so I could become a healer!

I have been hurt, so that I could become a healer
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